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Application thread.

This is where the application for Roleplay is held. All applications are screened until accepted. Please leave a form of contact so I can get back to you on the application status. If you have any questions about the application, you may reach the application mod at

Your Name:
Country & Timezone (use GMT if you know it):
Please x and fill out these contacts as they apply:
[ ] AIM/AOL:
[ ] Other messenger (please specify):
[ ] LiveJournal:
How much time do you have to devote to this RP weekly?:


Which character are you applying as?:

Please describe how you would have this character react in the following situations. Be specific! (does not need to be written from a character's perspective):

- This character is challenged to an unexpected fight from a strong enemy. Would this character fight immediately or stand back? Would the decision be effected by how many people accompany him/her? Would this character be able to fight at all?

- This character has just been caught by an enemy. They have been caught alone. Would your character be able to escape by him/herself? How would he/she react in this situation?

- There's a pornography magazine left on the ground. Would this character do something with this? Would this character even take notice?

- Someone walks in on this character changing. How does this character react?

Please provide a sample RP of a situation in your choosing. (writing as character perspective):
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